Mera Group of Companies specializes in working with our clients to design, develop and implement innovative solutions in various industries to optimize operations and deliver improved financial performance in a safe and environmentally sustainable manner.

Mera is a team of engineers and technical specialists with diverse expertise that provide services to the oil and gas, refining and mining sectors. Mera excels in the design and implementation of enterprise systems such as data historians, field data capture systems, maintenance management systems and health and safety programs. Mera works with world’s largest resource and technology corporations to integrate their data into corporate business intelligence solutions.

Mera Food focuses on acquiring and developing Intellectual Property (IP) for food processing. Mera engages in engineering, procurement, construction (EPC), maintenance, and project management of food processing facilities. Mera also specializes in innovative Cleaning-In-Place processes, system automation and quality control. Mera produces and deploys mobile food processing units for the conversion of vegetable protein to human ready food products.